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Adele Schiessle


AdeleAdele Schiessle is a Brain Integration Specialist. Adele has completed her MNRI® Core Specialist training, the first in the Charlotte area. She teaches families how to use movement and touch to create neural connections. These new connections can increase abilities in all aspects of life including: emotional, social, academic, communication abilities and more. Pulling from four modalities, she customizes home programs in order to empower the families to take themselves to a higher level of functioning.

For 30 years Adele has continued to study all the aspects of health and nutrition. She spent over 20 years working in the fitness field. In 2008 she expanded into learning how movement affects our brain functioning through Specialized Kinesiology, becoming the Parkinson’s and MS fitness specialist in a hospital based fitness facility. She blends all of this knowledge and years of experience to tailor programs specific to her clients’ needs.

It was her children’s challenges that led her to her studies in Specialized Kinesiology and neuro-development. Adele’s family has reaped the benefits and she loves seeing other families stress levels come down as they increase their capabilities and confidence. Read more about her family below.

When appropriate she will also pull from her past experiences as a Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. Her B.A. is in Psychology with a concentration in stress management.

MNRI® Training To Date:

  • Total Courses Attended: 32
  • Total Class Hours: 798
  • Total Clinical Hours: 248
Being the Client – My Story

Being the Client – My Story

I took the opportunity to be the client by attending a MNRI® conference and received 5 hours daily of MNRI® work for 5 days. To experience changes that I have seen in my clients was quite eye opening.

All the Way – My Daughter’s Story

All the Way – My Daughter’s Story

Life is busy and when we get past the initial challenges that caused us to seek out help, we often stop a program before we fully complete it. Read more about how this affected my daughter.

My Son’s Story

My Son’s Story

When looking back, he was always an active kid. He needed to be on the move and even shortly after being able to walk started “running” into us all the time. We just figured we had an active little boy. Read more about our journey.