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The primary method Adele uses in assessing if a reflex is integrated or not is through the analysis of how a person moves. Reflexes are first an involuntary motor response. Through the repetition of these movements neural connections are made that influence how we move; how our body coordinates itself when doing physical and mental tasks along with how we mentally process our world.

She starts with a questionnaire which provides her with an overview of these processes. Then she takes a person through a series of movements. These movements are not only done independently but also include the process of her moving their body along with holding positions. These give Adele indications of which reflexes are still active and the degree to which they are integrated if at all. She also takes note of muscular imbalances or weakness.

Taking all of these things into consideration along with the age and personality of the individual, Adele then develops a movement program for a person to do at home. She chooses these movements from various modalities to integrate the reflexes and physically balance and strengthen the body. Frequently a person also needs body work for which an assistant is needed. Body work is provided for the person in private sessions and cannot be done to oneself.

The movements usually just take 10-15 minutes a day. However, body work can take longer. Depending on a person’s goals, Adele often introduces ball work known as  Bal-A-Vis-X,http://www.bal-a-vis-x.com/  Most engage in this activity a few times a week.

Again, consistency is the key to success.  It is absolutely thrilling that we have the power to enhance our neurological functioning and make our lives easier in just minutes a day using our own bodies!