Scoliosis and MNRI®

Read this incredible testimony of how this family was able to help reduced the curvature of their daughter’s spine from 25% to 13% with MNRI® in just two months.

Being the Client – My Story

I took the opportunity to be the client by attending a MNRI® conference and received 5 hours daily of MNRI® work for 5 days. To experience changes that I have seen in my clients was quite eye opening.

Connect to Commit

The beginning of a new year often brings a sense of renewal. We are determined to do better than we did the previous year. With MNRI®, we definitely reap what we sow.

MNRI® Family Conference

Unlike other reflex integration programs, MNRI® (Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration) goes beyond the primary reflexes and addresses the entire nervous system. It encompasses much more.

True Connection

One of our foundational needs as humans is to connect with others; to be seen, accepted and loved. As parents, one of our biggest hopes for our child is to feel connected with us. However, they have a hard time accepting it…

Systems of Distraction

Movement Feeds the Brain As our kids head back to school one of the top concerns is their ability to maintain their attention. Most school systems are not set up for optimal learning conditions because of having to sit for long periods of time.

MNRI® and Chronic Stress

It is estimated that about 75-90% of illness is related to stress. Chronic stress puts our body in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze. This system is supposed to help us with an immediate threat and then turn off.

Work that Nerve

Understanding and working the vagus nerve can play a significant role in how fast you see change occur for reflex integration and sensory regulation. Let’s look at areas this nerve impacts and simple techniques that can help create change.

Harness the Freedom of Summer

For most, summer time means less routine, which equals less stress. However, others feel the lack of routine contributes to reduced consistency with our programs. Let’s take advantage of this “extra” time to really boost our progress.

Ups and Downs of Change

The goal of brain integration work is to change how the nervous system perceives the environment and communicates throughout itself. Everyone starts at a different place; with different genetics, life history, health etc. Ups and downs are all apart of the healing process.

Allergies and Inflammation

Each year in North Carolina as I start to notice the yellow dusting of pollen covering everything, I also get an increase in comments from parents. “She’s acting up.” “His OCD is coming back.” “I thought the anxiety was gone, but it’s been a tough couple of weeks”.

Springing Forward

I recently stumbled upon this Ted Talk by Annie Bosler and Don Greene that gives a perfect explanation on the importance of practice and repetitive motion. The more we practice, the more insulation (myelin sheath) builds along our neural pathways.

Understanding the Way we Learn

Most of schooling is the process of memorizing and recalling facts. Unfortunately, this is typically the main way a child is often evaluated regarding their level of intelligence. How well do they memorize, but what are some things that affect this ability?

Create a Reflection

How do Mirror Neurons affect us? Have you ever found yourself holding your breath and realize it’s because the person you are with is holding theirs? You may have noticed that when you’re having a bad day, your child is having more difficulty themselves.

How to Handle the Holidays

'Tis the Season Remember when the thought of the Holidays brought a smile across your face? For some of us, we reminisce of these times... of all the Holiday festivities and excitement of family time, toys and time off from school. However, that excitement often...

Daylight and Mood

Sudden Behavior or Mood changes? It's that time of year when the time changes, there is less daylight and more overcast days. We might find our child's behavior is regressing. They are more irritable, reactive, anxious, lethargic or their sleep is disrupted.  When...

What is MNRI therapy?

Masgutova Neuro-Sensory Motor Reflex Integration (MNRI) MNRI is a non-invasive technique that can:    Alleviate challenges caused by neurological stresses and disorders Assist in finding ways to release involuntary "fight/flight" response patterns in the body...

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