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Calm & Connected

Calm and Connected

Calm for our children starts with us and what a better way to help develop calm and focus but together!

Take 30 minutes a week to foster a calm and connected nervous systems with the entire family.

Join us via Zoom for a 30 minute session incorporating MNRI® Reflex and Archetype movements, Rhythmic Movement, Brain Gym, Yoga, Vagal Nerve work along with some good old fashion exercises pulling from Adele’s years as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. These sessions will help release stress and build stress resiliency making way for more calm and focus. The session will end with a 5 minute family challenge for the week.

Regular sessions will be Mondays 6:30 – 7:00 p.m. and is appropriate for all ages. The movements do not need to be done perfectly, just by being in the room of others doing the movements, a person’s nervous system benefits via mirror neurons. (Tell the teens it’s okay to act a little silly 😉 )$30 for the month.




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