Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress

At any age, we can improve our nervous system functioning. Chronic stress and traumas affect not only our body health, but our brain health also. We are a very complicated, interwoven being and stress is the leading factor of illness. Studies have shown that most with an autoimmune or chronic health condition have experienced some form of trauma/neglect.

We are born with our primary reflexes to help us develop and protect us. If we were lucky enough to have fully integrated as children, chronic stress or traumas can cause them to revert into their younger state of reactivity; returning to their protective mechanisms. This may help us in the moment to survive the situation but when they stay in this state it can interfere with our day to day living, keeping us in a high alert state. That’s exhausting to the brain/body. Or maybe we never fully integrated and have been just coping our entire lives. Coming from a coping state, we develop further compensations which create more stress in our system. Coping is not the same as thriving and we all deserve to thrive. 

Even when we have cognitively worked through a situation the memories and stress hormones are stored in our bodies. Unless we release them, they continue to be a stressor to us. Adele has trained in various modalities to help the body and nervous system release and reset. When working with adults she first focuses on stress hormone release and bringing the body out of its protective patterns before moving on to individual reflexes. With discussion and looking at the protective patterns in a person’s body she blends the usage of various modalities to help a person move forward; to let go of the past and build greater resiliency. 

Working on balancing our nervous system not only improves our personal health but affects those around us. Mirror neurons cause our bodies to react to what is happening in other people’s nervous system and theirs to react to ours. By working on calming and organizing our nervous system we can increase our resilience to stress along with our ability to be less reactive to others. If you are a parent, your balance can help lead your children’s bodies and responses. This can help lessen their reactivity and increase their sense of safety. The sense of safety allows us to confidently engage in the world. If your child is also working with Adele, balancing your nervous system will help them integrate more quickly.

When two people’s nervous systems feel safe together, it improves the bond. Unfortunately, most people are walking around feeling stressed and anxious, which results in unhappy relationship dynamics. By calming your nervous system, and the nervous systems of your loved ones, you enter a new state of mind that allows for a deeper, more meaningful connection. 

Much of this work can also be done via Zoom. 


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