Focused and Fit

This class will combine Archetype and Reflex movement patterns with traditional body strengthening and stretching activities.

Archetype patterns are motor patterns that assist in reflex development and essential for cerebral and sensorimotor development. They are less complex than the primary reflex motor patterns and emerge in utero before the primary reflexes. Once engaged these patterns stay active in the body allowing normal range and flexibility of motion while providing support, balance and stability for the body. They lay the foundation for the reflexes to work more effectively and thus improve strength, cognition, social engagement and more. They are the basis for understanding how our body is connected and coordinated. Utilizing Archetype movements by themselves, have shown to improve focus and attention.

Reflex patterns are a building block to future movement patterns and influences how a person perceives the world thru their senses. They initiate and lead our physical development which impacts our cognitive and emotional development. Making sure reflex patterns are in their fully integrated, matured state will improve coordination affecting effecting focus, attention, memory, overall learning, behavior and emotional control.

Body strengthening and stretching activities will pull these things together helping with core strength, postural control and flexibility. When we have these abilities in our bodies, we then have them in our mind.

Movement Grows the Brain!

Classes will be on a month to month basis of interest.
Mondays 6-9 yr olds @ 4:30 – 5:15
10-13 yr olds @ 5:30-6:15
Taught by Ashley Widener, NASM Personal Trainer and MNRI CIT

READ THIS ARTICLE showing effects of using Archetype in school.

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