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Jumpstart Orientation


Orientation class was designed to give an overview of MNRI®, learn whether this is the right fit for you or your family and understand the commitment it takes to see success. This class will explain what primary reflexes are and why reflex integration is vital for full neuro-development. Specifically, learn how the MNRI® approach facilitates the emergence, maturation, and integration process of primary reflex motor patterns along with lifelong motor reflex movements, tactile, visual, auditory, and proprioceptive sensory systems. Unlike other reflex integration programs, MNRI® goes beyond the primary reflexes and addresses the entire nervous system.


You will also learn several techniques to go home and begin to implement immediately so you can begin to see the benefits to your family. Once this class is completed, Adele will schedule your evaluation session.


Where: 2520 Sardis Rd. N. Charlotte, NC 28227
When: See available dates below.
Cost: New clients $45, Current Clients $30, Couples $60

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