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In the past, Adele would hold an Orientation program to help new clients understand what MNRI® is and how it can help as well as the commitment it takes to see lasting change. However, with the changing times of COVID-19 she is working on providing something for new clients to understand what MNRI® entails online. This class will explain what primary reflexes are and why reflex integration is vital for full neuro-development. Specifically, learn how the MNRI® approach facilitates the emergence, maturation, and integration process of primary reflex motor patterns along with lifelong motor reflex movements, tactile, visual, auditory, and proprioceptive sensory systems. Unlike other reflex integration programs, MNRI® goes beyond the primary reflexes and addresses the entire nervous system. You will also learn several techniques to go home and begin to implement immediately so you can begin to see the benefits to your family.

If you are still interested and committed to learning more, Adele will send you a neuro-development questionnaire prior to the first evaluation session. During the evaluation process, she takes a person through a series of movements. These movements are not only done independently but also include the process of her moving their body along with holding positions. These give Adele indications of which reflexes are still active and the degree to which they are integrated if at all. She also takes note of muscular imbalances or weakness and looks at the overall stress in the nervous system.

Taking all of these things into consideration, along with the age and personality of the individual, Adele then develops a movement program for a person to do at home. She chooses these movements from various modalities to integrate the reflexes and physically balance and strengthen the body. The program usually takes 15-30 minutes and is done several times a week.

Frequently a person also needs body work for which an assistant is needed. Body work is provided for the person in private sessions and cannot be done to oneself. These sessions can be anywhere from once a week to three times a week for half an hour to one hour each session.

Again, consistency is the key to success.  It is absolutely thrilling that we have the power to enhance our neurological functioning and make our lives easier in just minutes a day using our own bodies!

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