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Release and Reset


There is a saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” – Ron Hall

This goes beyond the obvious. Our kids are extra perceptive of our moods and the energy we carry overall. Mom and child are the biggest mirrors of each other. How can we expect our children to regulate themselves when we are struggling to do so. Then there’s the aspect that stress is estimated to be 75-90% of all doctor visits. It’s the gateway to disease. As busy mom’s often juggling work and household needs, before we even get to our children’s “extra” needs; little time is left for ourselves. It’s time to reclaim some of that time. To release the stress that is building and develop resiliency against future stress protecting your health and energy.

I am so excited to offer you the opportunity to honor yourself and to come together with others who are on a similar journey. This time will be about honoring where you are and learning to begin to release and move forward from stuck emotions.

Each month we will have a theme for example: overwhelm. We will use a combination of techniques that I have learned over the years. This includes MNRI, Brain Gym, EFT and Eden Energy Medicine. We will use these techniques to release emotions and triggers that are keeping us stagnant and stressed. We will work towards developing patterns that will allow us to respond in a stronger, calmer more resilient way. This class is currently only open to Caregivers of families that have worked with me.

Where: 2520 Sardis Rd. N. Charlotte, NC 28227
When: See available dates below.
Cost: $30

Mom’s Release and Reset

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