Curious about how Optimal You can support you and your family?

We have a process of supporting each client based on individual needs. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Register and watch Orientation video
  • Schedule to attend Jumpstart Class (for children’s caregivers)
  • Evaluations scheduled at this time
  • For adults, contact Adele to schedule evaluation
  • Fill out Intake Questionnaire when sent by Adele (link is time sensitive, please do immediately upon receiving)
  • Frequency/follow up plan will be discussed at evaluation
  • Follow the Home Program provided by Adele


Understanding leads to commitment and commitment leads to success. The orientation is required before beginning to work with Adele, whether for yourself or your child. The orientation class will provide a fuller understanding of MNRI® and how Adele utilizes other modalities to support the integration process. Learn whether this is the right fit for you and your family and understand the commitment it takes to see success.


This in person class is for caregivers only. A base home program is taught to begin to calm the nervous system and reduce hyper vigilance.  This will be the base upon which we build the individualized program at the evaluation. Practicing on each other helps accelerate the learning process as you both practice and experience the techniques. It’s also easier to learn when not also having to entertain a child. In this adult only class, Adele has the opportunity to go deeper into explanations, further your understanding to assist in your success.

CLASSES TO RESUME IN FALL 2024. Contact Adele to schedule an evaluation.

If you are not in the Charlotte area, please send Adele a note and we can discuss how we can move forward. She does work with people virtually.

Learn more about MNRI®

Have a basic knowledge before you come in to the Orientation class by learning more about MNRI®. There is a 5 minute video that gives an overview of the work so you can understand in a visual manner what the program does.

Purchase the Parent Guide

Archetype movements help to coordinate the nervous system for attention and focus, regulate brain wave patterns and are good for maintaining overall brain health. Do these for yourself to maintain cognitive abilities. Do them with your children to help with regulation and attention.

Even if your child does not engage in the movements, you doing them while they are in the room will trigger the mirror neurons of their body and assist them. I would recommend doing them several times a week. The video moves very slow so once you are comfortable with the movements, feel free to move more quickly without racing through them. If your child engages, it is good to make them playful. Playing music they enjoy while doing it is great too.