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How to get Started


Adele is currently working on the most efficient way of helping new clients understand what MNRI® is, how it can help in various ways, and the commitment it takes to see lasting change. For now please call or email Adele for more information. This class will explain what primary reflexes are and why reflex integration is vital for full neuro-development. Specifically, learn how the MNRI® approach facilitates the emergence, maturation, and integration process of primary reflex motor patterns along with lifelong motor reflex movements, tactile, visual, auditory, and proprioceptive sensory systems. Unlike other reflex integration programs, MNRI® goes beyond the primary reflexes and addresses the entire nervous system. You will also learn several techniques to go home and begin to implement immediately so you can begin to see the benefits to your family.


Once you have completed the Orientation class and are still interested and committed to learning more, Adele will book your evaluation session. Please fill out and send the neuro-development Questionnaire she provides prior to the first evaluation session. During the evaluation process, she takes a person through a series of movements. These movements are not only done independently but also include the process of her moving their body along with holding positions. These give Adele indications of which reflexes are still active and the degree to which they are integrated if at all. She also takes note of muscular imbalances or weakness and looks at the overall stress in the nervous system.

After the evaluation, you will receive a report explaining the results of the evaluation and a general overview of the plan. $190/child $305/2 children. If a child cannot participate in a full evaluation, then a general observation will be done while teaching the beginning home program, the rate for this will be $145.

All Evaluations and program developments are done by Adele. After the evaluation it will be determined which professional would be a good fit for support appointments. Adele intends for the education of techniques she provides to be a family empowerment program. Each family determines how much support they need. Consistency of the home program is one of the determining factors in how much change is created and for many, the biggest challenge. Some families choose to return once a month for program adjustments others come once a week. Length of appointments are 30-60 minutes. In weekly support appointments, more areas are addressed by the professional beyond what is being done at home.

Home Program

Taking all of these things into consideration, along with the age and personality of the individual, Adele then develops a movement program for a person to do at home. She chooses these movements from various modalities to integrate the reflexes and physically balance and strengthen the body.The program usually takes 15-30 minutes and is done several times a week.

Again, consistency is the key to success.  Adele is just your guide to give you the tools needed to help heal. Success is dependent on your motivation and determination to do the program at home. It is absolutely thrilling that we have the power to enhance our neurological functioning and make our lives easier in just minutes a day using our own bodies!


Learn more about MNRI®

Have a basic knowledge before you come in to the Orientation class by learning more about MNRI® HERE. There is a 5 minute video that gives an overview of the work so you can understand in a visual manner what the program does.

Learn more about my story

My family and I have been using MNRI® to help us for years to overcome various challenges.  You may consider reading my family’s stories. GO HERE to understand why I am so passionate about MNRI® and helping others with this modality.

Purchase the Parent Guide

I strongly recommend purchasing the Parent Guide from the MNRI® site HERE. This will give you additional support as you begin to learn techniques along with the Archetype DVD.

The DVD are movements that help begin to coordinate the nervous system. Even if your child does not engage in the movements, you doing them while they are in the room will trigger the mirror neurons of their body and assist them. I would recommend doing them several times a week. The DVD moves very slow and once you are comfortable with the movements, feel free to move more quickly thru them. If you child engages, it is good to make them playful. Playing music they enjoy while doing it is great too.

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