Do any of your children struggle with emotional regulation, focus or learning? Does your child have a diagnosis ADHD, autism or deals with anxiety? There is help beyond medication and tutoring. Many of these challenges begin in the body. 

Anxiety and depression are examples of stored alarm in the body.  ADD/ADHD may be because the body is stuck in a hypervigilant state. Keep in mind that the brain’s first priority is survival. And if it doesn’t feel safe then focus, learning and all those other things aren’t of any importance to it. We may not understand all the underlying factors to the various diagnosis, but we do know the nervous system plays a large factor in most of these and there’s something we can do about that.

There is an innate genetic coding in every human being that determines how our bodies/brains should mature. It seems that the process is not occurring as naturally anymore contributing to less sensory and emotional regulation, creating focus and learning challenges and delaying maturation.

There are many theories and contributing factors to why. There are genetic and transgenerational trauma factors; did the parents ever fully integrate their reflexes? What level of stress has a baby been born into? The parents’ regulation in the first two years plays a large factor on the development of a child’s nervous system.

The toxic load; it has been found that most babies are born with more than 200 toxins in their system. This creates a large burden on the nervous system and the immune system. This stress can interfere with proper maturation of the nervous system.

Birth itself is treated as a medical condition rather than a natural phenomenon. The increase in planned C-sections and medications changes the process of birth affecting the neural development of babies.

We can spend a lot of time and all the whys and there’s a lot for us to learn and to change, but what’s most important is that we can intervene and change things at any age. The sooner the better of course but it’s never too late.

Adele uses several different modalities that address the nervous system from various angles. Most of these modalities are body-based techniques. It is movement that initially helps grow the brain. It’s the felt sense of safety or not that affects our nervous system’s ability to self-regulate. The innate genetic reflexive actions that we do as infants are the basis for the neural pathways to mature affecting coordination, cognition, sensory and emotional regulation. 

It takes repetition to change the nervous system and to build new neural pathways. So, a consistent home program is a vital component to success. Families that are consistent with the home program typically will start to see changes within a month. Of course, there are other factors that can influence this such as biomedical challenges and parental dysregulation, but these are things that Adele can also help you wade through.

Register for the video orientation to dive deeper into the modalities that Adele uses. Then register for a Jumpstart class to learn that beginning home program and we will move forward with an evaluation from there.


Understanding leads to commitment and commitment leads to success. The orientation is required before beginning to work with Adele, whether for yourself or your child. The orientation class will provide a fuller understanding of MNRI® and how Adele utilizes other modalities to support the integration process. Learn whether this is the right fit for you and your family and understand the commitment it takes to see success.

Jumpstart Class

This in person class is for caregivers only. A base home program is taught to begin to calm the nervous system and reduce hyper vigilance. This will be the base upon which we build the individualized program at the evaluation. Practicing on each other helps accelerate the learning process as you both practice and experience the techniques. It’s also easier to learn when not also having to entertain a child. In this adult only class, Adele has the opportunity to go deeper into explanations, further your understanding to assist in your success.

CLASSES TO RESUME IN THE FALL 2024. Contact Adele to schedule an evaluation.

 If you don’t live in the Charlotte, NC area please let Adele know so she can discuss with you how to move forward after watching the orientation. She can work virtually with families.