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As a pediatric therapist, my knowledge base around primitive reflexes was minimal. I would refer families to Adele for MNRI, but knew so little about the actual technique. I finally decided to take a chance on it myself after years of talk therapy left me with layers of deep trauma and stress untouched. Adele’s knowledge, care and manual skills using trauma based MNRI and Transforming Touch techniques have saved my life. Adele has rid both physical and emotional pain from my childhood as well as struggles into Motherhood with chronically ill children. She has been the driving force into searching for deeper answers to heal my family. I will forever be grateful to her as the reason I have come so far in my career, my marriage and as a mother. If you feel stuck or unwell in any capacity, seeing Adele will change your life.


In searching for ways to help our children and family, we feel blessed to have crossed paths with Adele. Her therapeutic approach incorporates body work and exercises involving specific movements aimed at increasing brain function and new neural pathways. Instead of trying to find ways to “fix” the problem, Adele works to find the root of the concern and build a stronger foundation. Adele was easily able to establish rapport with our daughter and has since developed a trusting relationship with her. Adele has also taken the time to provide parental education, focusing on ways in which we can not only help our daughter, but also help ourselves and the rest of our family.

J. Teague

It was very important to us to find just the right person for our daughter to ensure her ability to succeed with “therapy”. We heard so many positive things about Adele we felt we must give her a try. Adele has been outstanding! The first time she walked out of her introductory appointment she said “mom that wasn’t therapy that was fun!” In only a few short months we have seen changes in our daughter and her ability to communicate her concerns and ability to overcome her fears. She is becoming more confident every day. She has embraced the skills we are learning, has even changed her ipod screen saver to be the cover page of the youtube link for the music we play while doing our routine therapy at home. She is so relaxed after the sessions and always says she feels so good. She looks forward to every session. And that’s all a mother could ever ask for!

R. Farmer

My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD in 2014. Our family spent a year with our daughter on medication which we found to be like “going down a rabbit hole.”  She woke up taking medicine, we needed medicine in the afternoon to get through homework and then another medicine to get to sleep at night. Then there were the various dosages and trying to get it right while using her as a Guinea pig in the process. Instinctively, I knew this wasn’t a long term solution and that this certainly wouldn’t be a true fix for the issues she was having.

Through the child psychologist that had done her testing for ADHD, we were able to find a holistic pediatric MD who referred us to Adele and described the tremendous changes that she had seen in some of her patients. We took our daughter there about 6 months ago and the changes we have seen have been extraordinary. She was able to finish her 3rd grade year without medication and with very good grades. She typically saw Adele weekly for a one hour session. She enjoyed going and looked forward to her time. We also did our part at home with her movements done in the morning and at bedtime. Slowly but surely, we were noticing changes taking effect. Her focus was changing in the classroom and at home. Her personality had not changed, but her ability to be with herself had. She is still a work in progress. We have had some major family changes take place and the work with Adele has been a blessing. We are extremely grateful for her talent and care and love that she shows our daughter.

Dr. Susan A. Hockaday DDS, PA

“When I first started going I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. But then I realized I really liked it because it made me feel happier and more relaxed. I looked forward to getting to spend an hour with Adele.” Age 11

My daughter was diagnosed with SPD at age 9. She did OT for about a year and we saw some improvement but I knew we still had a long way to go. And then I read about Adele on a local mommy blog. I decided to give it a try since I was still searching for more solutions and relief for my daughter. We started seeing Adele in December of 2014. I instantly felt a connection with her. She was able to assess and explains things about SPD that no one else was able to do. She also empowers the parents to be able to do the exercises at home. After only a year and a half, my daughter is a new person! Her SPD is under control, which means way less anxiety for her and she is in more control of her emotions. I am truly filled with gratitude every day for the work that Adele does. I know we would not be where we are today without her and the techniques she uses!


In April 2018 our twelve-year old daughter Megan was diagnosed with scoliosis. Her pediatrician referred her for an x-ray which indicated the curvature to be at 13 degrees. At this number, she was not a candidate for a brace (thank goodness) and we were told to “wait and see” if, when or how it progressed. On 10/8/18, she was seen for a follow up x-ray which indicated that the curvature had progressed to 25 degrees. Due to the progression, we were referred to a pediatric orthopedic specialist to discuss treatment options. We were scheduled to see him at the end of the month 10/31/18.

Shortly after being referred to see a pediatric orthopedic specialist, we had a conversation with my sister in law, an Occupational Therapist. She had told us that one of the causes of idiopathic scoliosis can be unintegrated reflexes and that I might want to investigate MNRI. She had researched that there was a practitioner in the Charlotte area. I called Adele as soon as I hung up the phone and scheduled an orientation for the following week.

As soon as we left the orientation with Adele (10/16/18), we knew we were going to try MNRI as another option/treatment other than Megan having to wear a brace. We went the following week (10/23/18) for an evaluation with Adele. It was amazing to see first-hand and listen to Adele explain the areas in which her reflexes were not integrated. Based on the evaluation, Adele gave us exercises to do at home. We did the exercises 4 times that week and went to see Adele the following week (10/30/18). She gave us a few new exercises to add to the program which we continued to do throughout the week.
On 10/31/18 we saw the orthopedic specialist and he recommended that Megan wear a nighttime brace because she had not finished her “growth spurt” and the curvature of her spine was likely to progress. The purpose of the brace was to help stop progression and hopefully avoid future surgery. Of course, there were no guarantees. We did decide to move forward and get the brace “just in case” MNRI did not work. We were told that there is no cure for scoliosis; the objective is to stop progression and avoid surgery. Megan got her brace on 11/16/18.

We saw Adele for two more sessions prior to going back on 12/7/18 to see the Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist. An x-ray was taken to confirm that the brace was holding Megan’s spine in the correct position. We asked if they could also take an x-ray without the brace so that we could determine if there had been changes to the curvature from what we had been doing with MNRI. When the ortho specialist came in he said, “the curvature is 13 degrees”. It had gone from 25 degrees to 13 degrees after only 4 sessions with Adele!!! Even the doctor was surprised at the regression in the curve. He asked us what we had been doing, took notes and asked how often we were doing MNRI. He told us to continue doing what we were doing because the results and change in her spine could not be attributed to the brace as she hadn’t been wearing the brace long enough and was still in the “break in period” (only wearing for brief period at night). He even said that with the reduction in the curvature, the possibility of surgery was “off the table”. To say we were ecstatic is an understatement. We feel beyond blessed that Adele came into our lives and with the results we have seen with MNRI. We have continued to go for biweekly sessions to keep up with the program Adele gives us for home. We would recommend Adele and MNRI to anyone!!!

The Wilcox Family

It’s like the lights have come on for our son and I am so very happy. The changes my husband and I are seeing are nothing short of amazing! His confidence, speech, connections, and strength are amazing us. Today he did 7 of the cross patterning exercises – LIFTING and touching the knees with the opposite hand – when he started four weeks ago he couldn’t even cross sitting down. He woke up Saturday morning and got a notebook and started copying words from flashcards onto his paper. He is trying to read when we read at night and he is “reading” to me and it all makes sense. He is able to fill in the blanks when I read and predict words. He sat down and was drawing Saturday night with detail and he goes to get up and says “Mom, I think you are going to love this.” He is singing songs he learned in school, with more ease than ever…before it would be a jumbled mess.

I am SO very thankful for you, you just can not imagine how much joy I have in my heart right now. I think his almost two years of OT definitely helped him, but I wonder if we had done these exercises two years ago we would’ve seen these results and spared ourselves hours of driving to and from OT and of course all the money?


My daughter is now fourteen years old, but was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder when she was 4 years old. She received treatment with an occupational therapist for 6 months. She went to Kindergarten and was getting called to the principal’s office for behavior as well as having learning challenges. They evaluated her in school and we were told she had ADHD & ODD. We took her to a child psychologist for about 6 months where we tried to help her without medication, yet they told us after that we needed to put her on medication for ADHD.

So she started 1st grade on medication and continued to take medication until the beginning of 7th grade.  At that point she was seeing Dr. Lyon, an alternative chiropractor. After seeing him for a few months, she stopped taking the medicine. There were still learning issues so for a summer between 7th & 8th grade, she started an intensive program at Huntington Learning Center. At that point, she was five years behind academically and still having behavior issues. She started with Adele in the fall in hopes she wouldn’t have to go back on medication.

On our first visit, Adele did an exam and then explained why she was having the issues that she was. Suddenly, the light bulbs went off in my head and everything started to make sense. And I mean everything… because these issues had started since she was a baby. I trusted the process that if I did the exercises with my daughter and she did hers on her own, that things would get better. Sure enough, so much has changed! Things that I hadn’t even expected to change.

Here are some examples:
  • Anxiety way down
  • Aggressive behavior way down
  • Smiling and happy way up
  • Feeling at peace
  • Much better focus and concentration.
  • Showing love and respect
  • Getting along well with adults that had in the past bothered her
  • Motivated
  • She has started to see that she has the ability to make changes in her life, and she can be reasoned with
Pamela Doxey
Our son was referred to Adele by an Integrative Pediatrician to help him integrate latent reflexes. She felt that may be the cause of some of our son’s issues with reading, running, riding a bike, balancing on one foot, and many other developmental milestones. Our guy was born with a seizure disorder which caused him to have hundreds of small, almost undetectable, seizures every day from birth. He made great strides due to our diligence in making sure he was properly evaluated by neurologist then followed his medical advice. This included seizure medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and braces for his shoes and legs.
Despite all of our efforts, and his, he still couldn’t ride a bike, balance on one foot, skip, track with his eyes to read properly, or play typical childhood games. He also had extreme highs and lows emotionally, had lots of trouble making decisions, and often could not even attend a birthday party with out becoming upset and wanting to leave. Adele evaluated our son and recommended exercises at home with him. After just three weeks he could do things he couldn’t do before. His teachers were also amazed at his progress. One day he walked into our house and said, “good news guys, I can ride my bike!!!” We ran out of the house and video taped him riding his bike in circles on our drive way!!! This was an amazing event for him! We were very excited and impressed by his quick progress. Everything just kept moving forward for him after that! He can even ride a scooter, skateboard, and roller skate! Whoop whoop!
Many Thanks to Adele Schiessle! We sing our praises of this very important therapeutic program!
Mom on a Mission