Do you feel that you manage stress well? Do you frequently feel overwhelmed or out of control emotionally? Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? Anxiety and depression are examples of stored alarm in the body.

Do you have health issues? Especially autoimmune? This can be a sign of an overwhelmed nervous system which is then suppressing your immune system. Our physical health is tied up in how well our nervous system can relax and how our subconscious reacts to our environment.

Have you tried traditional therapy but it just hasn’t gotten you where you’d like to be? That may be because our cognitive brain cannot overcome all that our body has been dealing with. Emotions are embodied experiences.

Did you have any trauma as a child (or any point in life)? Do you find that you frequently react to things and don’t understand why your reaction is so big? Our body will often get stuck at the age that a trauma occurred and our subconscious acts from that when we feel threatened.

If we were lucky enough not to have had a major trauma growing up but still did not feel seen and heard by our family or felt that our basic needs were not met that is considered developmental trauma. This can be from pre-verbal times so we don’t have a clear memory, just the embodied experience.

For those of you who are parents do you often find yourself getting very easily overwhelmed by your children’s emotions? Do you have a hard time staying calm as they are struggling with big feelings? This is often because of our own dysregulation. These are signs that our nervous system is holding on to
previous stresses and traumas and would benefit from support.

Our Psychology is our biology

Our subconscious brain is in control of our lives 90% of the time. And our conscious brain is usually unaware of most of what this subconscious is dealing with. How do we get to our subconscious brain? How do we help it release and know that we are safe in the moment so it no longer needs to protect us?
By working on the nervous system through the body.

Our psychology is our biology. Our body sends more signals to our brain than our brain does to our body. So to gain control over our emotions and our overall well-being we need to work with the body. Which means to calm, reorganize and regulate the nervous system. We don’t need to focus on the story
(if we spend too much time in the story it keeps our nervous system stuck) what we focus on keeps strengthening in our neural wiring. We need to release the story from our body and our nervous system.

Our Approach

So how can we show our body that we are safe? How can we let go of the stress and the memories that our body is holding on to? Adele uses several different body-based therapies to assist people in this process. Please look through the different modalities and let’s talk about what approach might be best
for you. When ready to get started, contact Adele directly to schedule. Some forms will be sent to help facilitate our discussion about the approach to best support you.

Nervous System Reset

Nurture Yourself in this 4-hour adult intensive in which you experience different modalities for calming the nervous system such as MNRI, TEB, Emotion Code, visceral manipulation and more. This helps to jumpstart and shift things faster.

If you are not in the Charlotte area, please send Adele a note and we can discuss how we can move forward. She does work with people virtually.