MNRI® is the cornerstone of Adele’s work that uses body work, isometric pressure and movements to facilitate the emergence, maturation, and integration process of primary reflex motor patterns along with lifelong motor reflex movements, tactile, visual, auditory, and proprioceptive sensory systems. Unlike other reflex integration programs, MNRI® goes beyond the primary reflexes and addresses the entire nervous system. Of course, all of our systems are interdependent and without addressing all of them a person will not reach their full potential. When working with clients, 95% of the techniques that Adele teaches are from MNRI®. This supports the nervous system completely unlike other modalities. Everyone can benefit from this work.

Dr. Masgutova from Poland is the creator of the MNRI® program READ MORE HERE

MNRI® primary principle is based upon supporting the nervous system from the bottom, up. Most traditional therapies have a top down approach, trying to work on skills that don’t yet have a neurological base. It doesn’t matter how well a person understands what is being asked of them or how much they want to be able to do a task, if they don’t have the neurological wiring to do so, they can’t. With these techniques, the body is assisted in reawakening innate genetic intelligence.

MNRI® addresses 22 primary reflexes, most other programs are between 8 and 12. It is also a whole brain/body approach, whereas other programs focus on strengthening the “weaker” brain hemisphere. MNRI® goes beyond the primary reflexes by not only assisting full function in lifelong reflexes but also reorganizing stuck neurological patterns from chronic stress and trauma. It helps to release stress hormones in the body having an immune strengthening effect on the system. Research is also finding that neurotransmitter levels and brainwave patterns are also regulated.


Whether the traumatic brain injury is HIE, stroke or concussions the main modality that we focus on utilizing is MNRI® . Each situation will need a very individualized approach. Please watch the Orientation Video below so that you can understand the full concepts of MNRI® but contact Adele directly to discuss your situation and how we will move forward.