Our mission at Optimal You is to help each individual, regardless of age or challenges, to learn how to optimize themselves through nervous system reorganization and lifestyle changes.


Isn’t it great to know that we can improve our cognitive and physical health at any age? Check out our programs specifically for adults to increase stress resiliency, emotional regulation, cognitive abilities, nervous system balance and more.

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Behavior and cognitive abilities are a reflection of nervous system regulation. Our programs address a variety of challenges such as sensory regulation, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and much more. There are non-medicated ways to improve everyone’s abilities!


This is the cornerstone of Adele’s work. MNRI® uses body work, isometric pressure and movements to facilitate the emergence, maturation, and integration process of primary reflex motor patterns along with lifelong motor reflex movements, tactile, visual, auditory, and proprioceptive sensory systems. We are strengthening neural pathway development for optimal abilities and releasing held stress patterns in the body that are holding us back from our optimal selves.


Adele has trained in many modalities and attempts to keep up with other potential supportive modalities. In order to best support you and your family, understanding your lifestyle and any services you are currently involved in will help Adele know best how to support and guide you. She will discuss all of these things to help you prioritize and map out a healing path.


(TEB) is an attachment focused neurophysiological treatment that shows the nervous system how to co-regulate in a healthy manner. This helps repair attachment wounds giving a person greater capacity for handling stress and becoming a secure base to co-regulate in a healthy manner with others, it’s especially important for parents to be able to provide that for their children. Our attachment style has a strong impact on how we handle communication and relationships.


Before seeing Adele, I was burnt out, my patience was non-existent and I felt like my anxiety was always at a level 10. Our son presented with health challenges from birth. I was exhausted from chasing answers, seeing specialist after specialist and advocating for him. My nerves were always shot and I was stuck in a negative loop of “I’m not doing enough” and living in fear of what issue or problem we’d experience next.

Our son started seeing Adele for MRNI and we saw remarkable results after two sessions. I knew there was something different about MRNI and all the other therapies we’d tried before, so I started seeing Adele myself. As with our son, I saw immediate improvement too. My anxiety subsided. I wasn’t constantly living in protection mode. Negative patterns of fight-or-flight began to let up. MRNI allowed my body to adapt in the face of challenges, the way it was designed to do. I feel safe in my body and am able to be much more present in my day-to-day life.

I am a full believer that our children can only be as healthy and happy as their parents are. I’ve realized that as me and my husband continue to grow and heal, our children have too. Investing in MRNI for our entire family has been the single-most important thing we’ve done to change the trajectory of our life.


Frequently Asked Questions

What age of clients do you work with?2023-11-12T18:33:57+00:00

Adele works with all ages, from infants to seniors.

Will this work for my child/me?2023-11-12T18:33:12+00:00

In nearly all cases, parents who are doing consistent neurodevelopmental movement with their children see noticeable improvements in behavior, emotional maturity, and learning. Children frequently feel more calm and focused. They also experience more joy, greater stamina, better posture and improved self-esteem. Adults will usually notice more calm and focus quickly and become aware of their ability to move through life more easily. Caveat: you get out of it what you put into it.

How much time does it take?2023-11-12T18:32:31+00:00

Everyone is unique, so the answers to this question varies. In general, plan on doing 15-30 minutes of neurodevelopmental movement and play, most days a week with your child at home. For children with greater challenges, more time may be required. Most adults need 10-15 minutes most days of the week.

When will I see results?2023-11-12T18:32:00+00:00

Result times range from quick and dramatic to gradually building over time. Most see some changes within a few weeks of consistent practice; significant progress within 3 months or less. However, for full integration and best results for long-term life and learning effectiveness, it may be recommended to do movements for a prolonged time.

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