Being the Client – My Experience of an MNRI® conference

I took the opportunity to be the client back in April by attending a MNRI® conference where I received 5 hours of MNRI work for 5 days. Over the years of training, I have incorporated MNRI® movements and have been worked on by others while training. I can see the small improvements from those small amounts of time. However, to fully experience the changes that I have seen in my clients and have known in theory, was quite eye opening.

For those who don’t know, an MNRI® Conference is 5-6 sessions a day for 4-8 days, depending on what you choose. Part of the strong effect from conference besides the quantity, comes from the fact that 5-6 systems of the nervous system are addressed in that short time frame. Usually when doing our MNRI® work at home, we focus on some priorities in the time we have. At a conference, the entire system is getting support which makes each thing we do even more effective. It’s a great boost to the brain/body.

What did I experience/notice?

I have often said that I would not need all the massages I receive if I had someone who could do MNRI® for me regularly because my neurological system would no longer be causing my body to compensate. We move and hold our bodies the way we do because of the way we are neurologically wired. If our reflexes are not fully integrated, we do not have the ability to hold and move our bodies in alignment; hence causing muscular and skeletal imbalance. As I was receiving the work, I could feel the dramatic differences between the 2 sides of my body. I could feel the shift as things were being released and reorganized. I felt my structure changing and as we worked on some of the reflexes we were shifting pain points in my body, as if we were chasing them away.

Each day as I walked back to my hotel I could feel a difference in my gait, but couldn’t put it into words what the difference was. When I first walked into my house after returning, my daughter immediately commented on the change in my posture and brightness in my face. Most of my life I have tended to have a forward leaning posture when walking. After the conference, I realized that I am standing more upright with my weight centered. No longer with a shift forward. The difference in my face comes from the release in the tension I that was in my jaw, greatly decreasing my TMJ.

I have some issues with lymph drainage. At the end of the day typically, my left ankle is swollen. By day three I noticed that my ankle was about 50% less swollen than usual. This would mean that my body has improved detox.

I feel my thoughts are clearer, but most of all I feel that I have a greater capacity for information. For a long time now, I would be so mentally fatigued when I got home from work, that I would just shut down. I have had limited energy for assimilating additional information. Since conference, my zest has returned with a more balanced approach. When getting home from work, I still have energy for my family, my personal interests and even to learn something new.

After returning and settling back into my typical routine, I realized that overall I am more relaxed and engaged. It’s hard to explain but I feel more connected to my family. My interactions with them have been richer.

I think the most surprising to me, is the greater capacity I have to experience joy. It is really the only way to sum it up…JOY! One of the ways that has been most striking to me, is my returned love of music. As a former dancer, musician and theater geek with a great love for musicals, my life use to be filled with music. Somewhere in my adult life, I became overwhelmed with sound. It has been over a decade since I have truly enjoyed listening to music. I would regularly get overwhelmed with sound. I rarely listened to music. The family knew on road trips they all had to bring headphones and listen to their own music because I couldn’t last too long with the radio on without becoming aggravated. I craved silence. As I was sitting in my hotel room the 3rd night of the conference, all of a sudden I really wanted to listen to some Broadway music. It didn’t take long until I was singing along. Since returning, I have for the first time ever, downloaded music to my phone. I listen to that or the radio nearly every day back and forth to work. I have music on when I am doing chores. My family will attest to the dramatic change it has been for me. I am amazed at the level joy and energy this has brought me, I feel a connection back to myself that I have missed for a very long time.

Summing it up
Many people have an “aha” moment while at conferences, a definitive shift they can share. I felt differently, but couldn’t put it in to words initially beyond the physical release of pain. Things were more like a simmer for me, I became aware of the shifts within me as I returned to daily life. It was like an awakening. With it being so difficult for me to put into words what I was experiencing and the degree of mental/emotional awakening I can only begin to imagine what the experience must be for our children.

It was health concerns that caused me to finally take the step to do this for myself. I wish I could do another one immediately as I can see where doing the 8 day conference would be so helpful. It felt like we had just gotten to the root of some things, but didn’t have the time to work thru it. This is a definite yearly event I will continue to help take care of myself. I think this not only solidified the value of doing this for our children, but showed me how important it is that as caregivers we do this for ourselves. The name of my company is Optimal You and I didn’t realize how far below “optimal” I have been living. By optimizing yourself, your whole family’s lives will be optimized! Mine has.