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Effective Practice and our Neural Pathways

I recently stumbled upon this Ted Talk by Annie Bosler and Don Greene that gives a perfect explanation on the importance of practice and repetitive motion. The more we practice, the more insulation (myelin sheath) builds along our neural pathways. When we do our movements, we are giving the body input that it needs to “practice” that reflex or patterns for cells to communicate. Repetition is vital so that a person not only has the neural pathway for it, but the protective myelin sheath to keep it strong. Watch the Ted Talk Video Here

The Connected Parent Workshop

We often find ourselves triggered by our children’s reactions. Our response may seem out of control or bigger than we’d like. Kristen Oliver shows you how to release these triggers so that you can be the example you want to be and have a more connected relationship with your child. Space is limited so Reserve your Spot Here  

Friday, April 7, 2017  10am – 12:30pm
$27 per person (normally $97)
Brain Restoration Clinic
1040 Edgewater Corporate Park Suite 106
Indian Land, SC 29707

MNRI®: The “MISSING LINK” to helping clients soar

This course is primarily for professionals who work with our kiddos and would like to learn more about the MNRI® Method, reflex integration and apply in their practice. Feel free to pass this flyer along to those who you work with or who might be interested in joining. Flyer Here