Transitioning back into the school routine can be difficult for entire family. Please be compassionate for both your children and yourself during this time. For those who I have worked with, the first couple of weeks are a good time to take a step back and go back to the basics. Overall calming and organizing techniques for the nervous system are key. Try replacing your current program or adding some of these techniques:  Body Greeting, Navel Radiation, Embracing Squeeze, Stroking. This can really help everyone maintain better control during this time.

For those that I have not yet worked with, here’s a technique you can try. Embracing Squeeze – using consistent, firm (but not too tight) pressure circle your hands around a person’s wrist. Hold for 7-14 seconds and then move your hands up the arm. Continue this process ending with the shoulder.

What to tell Teachers or Therapists about MNRI®?

I get this question a lot and it took me quite some time to figure out how to explain what I do, so I understand how easy it is to trip over your words. First, know that even though I pull from several methods of Specialized Kinesiology the main method I use is MNRI, you can go here for further information.

I have summed up the various modalities I use under the category of Brain Integration. However, we really are focusing on the full nervous system. We are focusing on building and strengthening the foundation of the brain and body so a person can more easily access their higher levels of functioning. So, here’s a line you could possible share, “This Brain Integration Therapy uses movement and bodywork to reorganize the nervous system so the brain and body can comfortably navigate and process it’s external and internal environments which can lead to better sensory and mood regulation while increasing focus and learning abilities.”