Whether you have one child or more, organizing schedules and life to address everyone’s needs is time consuming and can be overwhelming. It’s impossible to do it all so deciding where one’s time should be focused is important. Deciphering what to prioritize and when to make changes can be difficult. Adele is here to assist you.

Adele will collect information about your current goals, schedule and challenges along with what you have done in the past. She will collaborate, ideally with both parents, regarding this information to lay out a plan of action. To help determine who, what and how different areas are approached.

It is often one parent who is doing the bulk of the research and implementation of the children’s therapies. It can be difficult for that parent to translate all the new information they are learning. Ideally, both parents would be equally educated on both the child’s current challenges along with how the various therapies may assist. Helping both parents understand the process and determining what type of support may be needed for themselves will help make all endeavors more successful.

Support for yourselves is also important. Our children’s stressors and challenges are ours also. It’s important to determine how to also meet parents’ needs otherwise it can be difficult to be successful with the children’s therapies. Remember, the children first regulate off of their parents. If you are stressed, then your children are also.

Adele has trained in many modalities and attempts to keep up with other potential supportive modalities. She will help you understand the nuances between different therapies to the best of her knowledge. You will work as a team to decipher the best approach at this time and then regularly assess how things are progressing and when to course correct.

She is there to help brainstorm and then help organize those ideas into a coherent plan. She will help you track progress and reorganize the plan as goals are met or new aspects present themselves. There is no one right path. Adele is a guide assisting you in deciphering your family’s needs and how you may coordinate it all.

It’s important to remember that you know your family best. Listening to your gut is vital. Adele is here to support you as you weigh the many different options/approaches to your family’s health, cognitive and emotional functioning. She is someone who knows many avenues you are utilizing and exploring to help you bring it all together.

How Adele can support you:

  • Educate both parents
  • Facilitate communication between parents
  • Lay out goals
  • Develop plan of action
  • Create accountability and have all family members on the same page
  • Develop, reassess, course correct plans and schedules
  • Build resiliencies for all in the family. Help entire family thrive.

 If you don’t live in the Charlotte, NC area please let Adele know so she can discuss with you how to move forward after watching the orientation. She can work virtually with families.