Do you find it hard to organize your self-care or health plans? Are you unsure of which areas you should focus on first? Do you need help deciphering which modalities would best meet your needs? Adele will help you wade through all of this information and make a plan for your goals.

After reviewing your current schedule, lifestyle and therapies Adele will help you determine your goals and implement a plan. She will draw from all facets of her training which includes Stress Management, Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer and Brain Integration Specialist as you collaborate together for a more cohesive lifestyle.

What makes things particularly different in receiving coaching from Adele is she will also help you develop the neurological base that will assist you in your success. Every thought, feeling and action we take has its own neural pathway. When we want to do something different, we are working against an already established neural pathway. Adele will do a brain reset with you to help you develop the neural wiring to help you be successful in your new habits.

With Adele you will determine the amount of support you would like to help you maintain your path and make adjustments in your plan as goals are reached or new information comes to light.

How Adele can support you:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Analyze schedule and lifestyle
  • Neural pathway development
  • Plan of action
  • Create accountability
  • Develop, reassess, course correct plans and schedules

 If you don’t live in the Charlotte, NC area please let Adele know so she can discuss with you how to move forward after watching the orientation. She can work virtually with families.