What does “Summer Time” mean to you?

For most, summer time means less routine, which equals less stress. However, others feel the lack of routine contributes to reduced consistency with our programs. Let’s take advantage of this “extra” time to really boost our progress. It is important to take advantage this change in pace for every aspect of our health.

During the school year, our programs mostly consist of bringing stress levels down so we can have them at their base level of functioning. That base level does not mean their optimal level. Our goal is to help link a person’s entire nervous system so they function at their highest level possible. Now that they are out of school, we can make a bigger impact with the work to assist their brain/body in making new connections without the added stress of school.

Set your goal for the Summer NOW. Maybe during the school year you were squeezing in 15 minutes 3 times a week. Most of you can see changes with this schedule. Realize the rate of the changes increase with the amount of time put into the program. If you can take advantage of a small amount of the free time you now have, like not doing homework, and use it for the program you can increase the amount of change you see! This will mean that when the next school year starts, they will need less support starting the school year.

When planning when to do your programs over the summer, think about what time frame will work for your family. During the school year, before bed is ideal as it’s not as rushed and the routine is most consistent. However, during the summer I find the opposite to be true; bedtime routines aren’t as consistent as we spend more time outside. So consider starting your day with the program. So when you decide to stay out later catching fireflies or swimming, you’re not considering cutting it short so you can get the program done. If it works out that you have time to do both, great! The time of day isn’t as important as being consistent. Whatever is going to work for your family is the best way to do it.

I hope everyone has a summer full of fun and growth!