Roller Coaster Ride

The goal of brain integration work is to change how the nervous system perceives the environment and communicates throughout itself. Everyone starts at a different place; with different genetics, life history, health etc. Then our day to day input and consistency of the work varies dramatically along with the input we are receiving from the world. So, for some, change is moved thru smoothly and steadily, but for most, it’s a roller coaster ride. A ride that has many levels and layers that need to be worked thru.

Environment can be very overwhelming for some. We are spending a lot of our time just counteracting the effects of their day before we begin to make a long term effect on their nervous system. Many have biomedical aspects that need be addressed. Then there are those who have had a trauma that slows down the integration process. With all of these factors, growth looks different for everyone and for many it is a bumpy path.

Taking all of these things into consideration, it is important to remember that this is part of the healing process. One of the things that occurs when the brain/body is going thru a reorganization, is a regression of behaviors. The brain is using resources to integrate a new thing and may let go of another during that time. I strongly encourage keeping notes of shifts both positive and challenging, particularly in relation with the program. This helps keep things in perspective. When going thru a challenging time, we often forget how far we’ve come. It also helps in determining the next steps and priorities of our journey together.


Release & PTSD Work

Another time when things can be difficult is when doing the release work. There are a couple of ways we do this; the PTSD protocol and the Neuro-Structural Protocol. When we do release work, this can release the stored adrenaline and cortisol in the body and also it has the potential to take the person back to the emotional state at the time of the stress. At such a time it is common that there is a surge of anger or increase in behavior as the body is essentially detoxing these things. I encourage Epsom Salt baths to assist in the detoxing and increasing relaxation. However, it is very important to work thru these times. It is considered historical stress that hinders how our nervous system works until it is processed. This will stay with us our entire lives unless addressed. Many of us have found ways to cope with such stress, however as we get older and stress continues to build our health is often compromised along with your brain function. For optimal health and brain functioning as we age, release work is a very important component.

I understand that is can be very trying at times when you or your child is going thru the process. However, the rough patches will be worth the long term gains. We just need to keep communication open and the process in perspective.