Masgutova Neuro-Sensory Motor Reflex Integration (MNRI)

MNRI is a non-invasive technique that can:

  • Alleviate challenges caused by neurological stresses and disorders
  • Assist in finding ways to release involuntary “fight/flight” response patterns in the body
  • Help sensory cells communicate more efficiently & effectively so the body can read the environment
  • Help integrate primary reflexes = easier to access higher levels of functioning

How I use MNRI as a therapy:

  • Combination of movement, isometric & body work
  • Activate particular neural pathways to integrate primary reflexes & the nervous system
  • Teach the brain/body to feel safe and how to respond to environment
  • Work at building the foundation the brain & body needs to access higher level of functioning

How do primary reflexes play a roll in MNRI therapy?

Primary reflexes are how we begin our lives. They are the innate actions that tell our bodies how to move. In that process of movement, other primary reflexes are turned on in order to help us through the next stage of development and survival. These innate movements build neural pathways so these reflexes may mature into higher functioning abilities. They not only govern our physical capabilities, but in their maturation, they help develop our mental and emotional capabilities also.

If something interrupts the development of the reflexes (such as stress, toxicity or disease) our safety and protection mechanisms our reflexes provide us with, are no longer available.

Whether a person is affected by sensory, attention challenges, anxiety, PTSD, developmental delays, autism, or cerebral palsy; the nervous system functioning can be increased.  It doesn’t matter how well a person understands something should be done or wants to do it, if they don’t have the basic neurological foundation, they can’t.

The human body is amazing and it is wonderful to know that if we give our body the basic information it needs, it can develop many of these abilities at any point in life.

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