Read this incredible testimony of how their daughter reduced the curvature in her spine with MNRI® in just two months.


In April 2018, our twelve-year old daughter Megan was diagnosed with scoliosis. Her pediatrician referred her for an x-ray which indicated the curvature to be at 13 degrees. At this number, she was not a candidate for a brace (thank goodness) and we were told to “wait and see” if, when or how it progressed. On 10/8/18, she was seen for a follow up x-ray which indicated that the curvature had progressed to 25 degrees. Due to the progression, we were referred to a pediatric orthopedic specialist to discuss treatment options.

Shortly after being referred to see a pediatric orthopedic specialist, we had a conversation with my sister in law, an Occupational Therapist. She had told us that one of the causes of idiopathic scoliosis can be unintegrated reflexes and that I might want to investigate MNRI. She had researched that there was a practitioner in the Charlotte area. I called Adele as soon as I hung up the phone and scheduled an orientation for the following week.

As soon as we left the orientation with Adele (10/16/18), we knew we were going to try MNRI as another option/treatment other than Megan having to wear a brace. We went the following week (10/23/18) for an evaluation with Adele. It was amazing to see first-hand and listen to Adele explain the areas in which her reflexes were not integrated. Based on the evaluation, Adele gave us exercises to do at home. We did the exercises 4 times that week and went to see Adele the following week (10/30/18). She gave us a few new exercises to add to the program which we continued to do throughout the week.
On 10/31/18 we saw the orthopedic specialist and he recommended that Megan wear a nighttime brace because she had not finished her “growth spurt” and the curvature of her spine was likely to progress. The purpose of the brace was to help stop progression and hopefully avoid future surgery. Of course, there were no guarantees. We did decide to move forward and get the brace “just in case” MNRI did not work. We were told that there is no cure for scoliosis; the objective is to stop progression and avoid surgery. Megan got her brace on 11/16/18.

We saw Adele for two more sessions prior to going back on 12/7/18 to see the Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist. An x-ray was taken to confirm that the brace was holding Megan’s spine in the correct position. We asked if they could also take an x-ray without the brace so that we could determine if there had been changes to the curvature from what we had been doing with MNRI. When the ortho specialist came in he said, “the curvature is 13 degrees”. It had gone from 25 degrees to 13 degrees after only 4 sessions with Adele!!! Even the doctor was surprised at the regression in the curve. He asked us what we had been doing, took notes and asked how often we were doing MNRI. He told us to continue doing what we were doing because the results and change in her spine could not be attributed to the brace as she hadn’t been wearing the brace long enough and was still in the “break in period” (only wearing for brief period at night). He even said that with the reduction in the curvature, the possibility of surgery was “off the table”. To say we were ecstatic is an understatement. We feel beyond blessed that Adele came into our lives and with the results we have seen with MNRI. We have continued to go for biweekly sessions to keep up with the program Adele gives us for home. We would recommend Adele and MNRI to anyone!!!

**Please note that this change occurred over the course of 6 weeks and I only worked on her 3 times after teaching the family their beginning home program. The change came because of the consistency the family had at home. When I did work on her, I had a chance to go into deeper work to boost what they were doing at home. Of course, we need to continue so the changes will not only hold but continue to improve. This example is easy to see because of the physical nature, but know that every little bit you do makes a difference!