It is estimated that about 75-90% of illness is related to stress.  Chronic stress puts our body in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze. This system is supposed to help us with an immediate threat and then turn off. When that doesn’t happen our body pulls from more resources to help us cope and thankfully, we can. However, prolonged coping usually comes at a cost. It costs us energy, contributing to inflammation, adrenal stress and many possible break down in our systems.

Top researchers in post-traumatic stress such as Peter Levine and Bessel van der Kolk promote the importance of getting the stress out of the body. Our muscles hold the memory and the adrenal and cortisol from that time unless we take action to release it. This not only affects how our mind and body perform in the present, but if not released from the body properly, it is found to change our DNA. At this point, our body learns what is now beginning to be recognized as historical stress. This DNA expression is then passed on to our children, compromising their systems from the beginning.

With MNRI®, we can make a large impact in releasing the effects from our bodies. The entire MNRI® system is based upon the premise of bringing the sense of calm and safety to the body. This is most basic need of the mind-body. MNRI® techniques also help release stress hormones and open up the tendon system that pulls the body into a posture of protection during chronic stress. We need to release the tendons at the neurological level. Otherwise, the body will have difficulty maintaining alignment, zapping our energy and potentially contributing to pain.

If we take the time to release the stress from our body and provide it with needed nutrients, we can go a long way to healing. With the proper support we can release the chronic stress from our body and reverse the effects it has had on our body. This can be done at any age and is a critical missing piece for most in their pursuit of health.