Unlike other reflex integration programs, MNRI® goes beyond the primary reflexes and addresses the entire nervous system. It also encompasses the tactile, auditory, visual and neuro structural systems. Of course, all of our systems are interdependent and without addressing all of them a person will not reach their full potential. In working with my clients, 95% of the techniques that I teach are from the MNRI®. When working at home or in a session, time is limited and we pick our priorities. This is where attending a family conference can be so powerful.

At an MNRI® family conference, a person receives 5-6 sessions a day where each one focuses on a different area of the system. In giving the body this time to work thru each of these areas more intensely, results are often achieved in days versus months. In some of the sessions, you may have more than one therapist working on the attendee if they can tolerate it. This allows another level of input that normally is not normally available.

Along with the amazing amount of deep input a person receives from these highly focused sessions, is the assessment given by Dr. Masgutova herself. She can read the history of the body and give an indication of specific areas that need to be supported. One client who attended a conference said; “Dr. Masgutova is an absolute genius when it comes to the knowledge of things …. she exudes such kindness and compassion with her ‘down to earth’ attitude and wanting to help ….that you feel you are in the right place!”

During each session the participant is not only receiving therapy, but the family is being taught how to provide support at home. Extra training sessions are provided for the family at the end of each day, along with manuals and DVDs to take home. Several weeks after the conference, the family will receive a full report from Dr. Masgutova. However, each participant is given a recommended home program with outlined priorities before leaving the conference.

Frequently, leaps are made in both physical and cognitive development during family conferences and can accelerate the process we are doing at home. I highly encourage everyone to bring their child to a conference when they get to the point of tolerating about 30 minutes on the table. I will begin to host times to review some of the assessments and discuss your questions about possibly attending a conference.